Auntie Kimberly Runs Out of Coffee!!!

One day Auntie Kimberly woke up and went to the kitchen to make her favorite food, (or drink) COFFEE! But when she went to place where she stored her coffee beans, the jar was empty. Well not empty, there was one lone coffee bean. “AAAARRRRGGGGUGGGHHHH!” Shouted Auntie Kimberly. “This is terrible. Worst problem ever. What will I do? I must have coffee. Must have Coffee! Must have Coffee! It is the only food I crave. How did this happen?”

Auntie Kimberly didn’t know Dadat borrowed the beans and intended to replace them but he got distracted because Brady came over and he and Dadat began to write stories. Dadat also had to do Lincoln Blog number 12,245. So, he was too busy and completely forgot to replace the beans. Unfortunately, Dadat also forgot to make Gra’s coffee and she really got grumpy.

Although Dadat lived over a mile away, he heard Auntie Kimberly scream, “Where is my coffee!” Brady’s mom had a coffee party with Auntie Kimberly and Gra the day before because they all liked coffee and drank 13 cups apiece.

Auntie Kimberly thought, “I’ll go to the store and buy more coffee and I’ll buy more than one package”, but then she remembered there was a quarantine. AAAARRRRRGGGGGUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!! So she tried to order from Instacart but the store was sold out and the person brought her a bag of peanuts instead.

Auntie Kimberly was getting desperate. She called Dadat on the phone and asked if he could bring her some coffee. “OOOOPPPPSSSS!” said Dadat, who now remembered that he had forgotten to replace the coffee he borrowed. Dadat said he could be there in two hours. “Oh No” said Kimberly, “I will be really crazy by then. I will call the CEO of Coffee Kingdom and have them deliver. 

In the meantime Auntie Kimberly saw the single lone coffee bean and started chewing on it. “Hey” she thought, “this doesn’t taste that bad.” And that is why Auntie Kimberly now eats coffee instead of drinking it!

The End.

3 replies on “Auntie Kimberly Runs Out of Coffee!!!”

Holy Kenobi, this is like a tragedy and a horror movie all wrapped into one. Who gave you authorization to write this??????


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