The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: Honesty Day is Awesome

by Brady M.

(The M. does not stand for mechanic)

The Kind Little Truck was looking for good things to do when he saw the Garbage Truck on his electronic device on a website called http://www.TruckBook.con. The Garbage Truck was looking at his electronic device while rolling down the street. The Kind Little Truck said, “Please stop! That is very dangerous for you, and you could crash.” Garbage Truck said, “You are right.” I knew what I was doing was bad.” The Kind Little Truck said, “I appreciate you being honest, but why? You could have just ignored me and stopped driving, but you told the truth.” The Garbage Truck said, “Look at my message, and you will know why.” The message read, “Dude, it is Honesty Day, April 30th, didn’t you know that?”

The Kind Little Truck said, “I didn’t know that. Now I guess today I have to be kind and honest. But I try to do that anyway. Thank you for telling me about Honesty Day.” Then the Kind Little Truck went out to do some kind things and to make sure he was also honest. First, he went to help Flathead Car with his new paint job. He helped paint the car, but when he saw the new color, he was honest and said, “Oh no. That is not a good color. I’m sorry I had to be honest.” But the Kind Little Truck helped him change the color and now he was able to say that it looked very cool. So, he was now kind and honest!

Next, Kind Little Truck went to see Little Dipper, his friend who was a flying car. Kind Little Truck noticed that Little Dipper’s engine was in bad shape and could explode any time. That was honest, but it hurt Little Dipper’s feelings. So Kind Little Truck went out and bought a new motor that would let Little Dipper fly higher and farther. Kind and honest twice already!

Then, Kind Little Truck went to see another friend, Nickle Wise, the clown car. He meant to give his friend a new squeaky nose, but picked up the wrong package and gave him a fire alarm that went off every two seconds. And it looked funny, too. “Oh, no,” said Kind Little Truck. “You have a small fire alarm on your nose and it will go off every two seconds, no matter what. I guess I tried to be kind, but it didn’t work out, but I was honest and told you I made a mistake.”

That night, Kind Little Truck thought that this had been a good Honesty Day. And he could not wait until next year for another Honesty Day that would also be Kind, and filled with comedy for our readers!

The End

3 replies on “The Kind Little Truck: Honesty Day is Awesome”

My sources say that the Kind Little Truck did not actually make a mistake with the fire alarm / squeaky nose packages, but instead, THE PACKAGES WERE SWITCHED ON PURPOSE so that Nickel Wise would get stuck with a smoke alarm nose. I don’t want to name names, but it’s SOMEONE WHO LOVES COFFEE AND HATES SCARY CLOWNS. Oh, and her name rhymes with “Spauntie Spimberly”. Fulcrum out.


Haha! That Fulcrum is umm…such a kidder! I mean, who would switch the packages on purpose just because they WERE AFRAID OF SCARY CLOWNS AND THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GREAT SCARY CLOWN WARNING SYSTEM??? I mean, ha, ha! That might theoretically be why someone would switch the packages. But I know nothing about that.


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