The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: Island Adventure

It is summertime! So, it is time for Kind Little Truck’s vacation to a tropical island. He was going to do volleyball, drink coconut milk, swim (NOT!- trucks can’t swim, but he might turn into a boat and float, no rhyme intended), remove his paint and tan (NOT! But he can just sit in the sun and get warm). It was going to be the best island adventure.

When he arrived at his hotel, Kind Little Truck helped the guy who was supposed to carry his baggage, by carrying most of it himself. He just couldn’t help being kind. When he got into his room, he saw that the hotel staff had left him……………….suspense………………..

A complimentary bottle of water. Now we know that being kind can pay off.

Then he went to the beach and saw a car who was surfing (very dangerous for a car with a lot of electronics). When the car get back to the beach, he found that someone had stolen his special relaxation migration beach towel. “Oh no! My beautiful beach towel is gone”, said the car. “How will I relax?”  Kind Little Truck said, “I have a relaxation migration beach towel that I have not used, would you like to have it?”

The surfer car said, “Yes, Thank you. I love it. What a Kind thing to do.” The Kind Little Truck said, “You are welcome, after all Kind is my middle name, OK, maybe it is my first name.”

Kind Little truck decided to get some coconut milk flavored motor oil. When he goes up to the counter to buy it, the server was very nice and made up a great motor oil drink. Kind Little Truck always gave a tip to a server, but this time, he gave him a 500 tb (truck buck, rhyme intended) tip. The server was very grateful for the massive tip and said, Thank you very much, mister Kind Little Truck.”

Next, Kind little truck went to play volleyball. He joined a team and played for a while. He noticed a very skinny car with a flat tire watching them play. Kind Little Truck asked the skinny car if he would like to play. The other vehicles all said, “Not him, he is not athletic and beefy like us.” But Kind Little Truck said, “He can be on our team.” One of the beefier opponents said, “With two runts like you on the same team, we will definitely win!”

But Kind Little Truck and Skinny Car won the game, because they knew how to play volleyball better than the beefy cars. Skinny Car was happy that Kind Little Truck invited him on his team. And, the beefy guys were humiliated in front of their girlfriend trucks. But one of them said to Skinny Car, “Next time I hope you will be on my team. Just please don’t humiliate me in front of my truck girlfriend.”

Now it was time for Kind Little Truck to pack up. He received a letter from the mayor of the island that said the mayor was proud of Kind Little Truck being so nice to everyone. He also said that he had never seen such great kindness in his life. He then said that he would welcome the Kind Little truck back to the island anytime for a free vacation. So Kindness always pays off.

Author Brady M. hopes that everyone who reads this story will remember that!


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