The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck: A Kind Deed Day

The Kind Little Truck was setting up for a big party to celebrate Kind Deed Day, his favorite holiday. He bought lights, a karaoke machine, and a new entire paint job specifically for the party. He planned the party to be in “The Garage”, which is a bar with a laser tag arena and a dance floor. They have the best oil drinks in town. They have lemon oil, cotton candy oil, and Kind Little Truck’s favorite, plain oil!

Kind Little Truck put batteries in the Karaoke machine and set off to do some kind deeds. He first donated a hose he no longer needed to the fire department so that they could use it to put out fires.

Then he helped clean up “The Garage” and decorated the tables he reserved and covered them in glitter and placed free sunglasses he would give his friends. He also helped the janitor clean up the dance floor so it would be very shiny for the party and for other customers.

After he got home from doing his kind deeds, he noticed that the batteries were missing from the Karaoke machine. He found them in cushions of the couch along with a lot of slime that was not there before. He then noticed that his house had been toilet papered! Someone was trying to ruin his party!

So, he bought a web cam and placed it. Now that he knew that his house was safe, he decided to do more kind deeds. He went to the oil dripper’s house and it was messy as usual. Garbage truck was already there helping clean up. Kind Little Truck decided to pitch in and help.

Then the Kind Little Truck returned home to check the web-cam and discovered someone had taken those batteries and replaced them with nickels. “Nickels won’t power anything”, thought Kind Little Truck. “Who is trying to ruin my party?” So, he pretended to leave the house but stayed and hid so he could catch the vandal in the act.

Then he saw a chubby little clown come down the chimney, and the clown said, “MMwwaahahahahahaha! I am Nickel Wise the clown, and my younge brother is Penny Wise, a clown who turned into a maniac. I am a little bit evil, but not as bad as my little brother. He used to bite my ankle when he was a baby. I am here to destroy Kind Deed Day and get revenge on Kind Little Truck who laughed at me during the circus performance.” Kind Little Truck said, “I am sorry, I thought you were supposed to laugh at circus clowns, and I was being Kind because I liked your act. Since you are feeling so bad, would you like to come and join my party at the garage? But first, we have to get batteries that are not slimy for the karaoke machine.”

The clown started feeling better and they went to the party. Little Dipper said, “I really like this party, and I have already played laser tag twice. Flat Head Car said, “Can you please make limbo a little harder? My flat head fits under the pole easily.” The Garbage Truck said, “Although I brought a lot of garbage with me, this party is anything but garbage.”

And Nickel Wise said, “This party is so much fun, I am sorry that I tried to disrupt it.” Kind Little Truck said, “Let’s have a glass of Oil and then dance.”


6 replies on “The Kind Little Truck: A Kind Deed Day”

Also, please tell me what happened to the toilet paper after it was used to paper The Kind Little Truck’s house. I hope that he didn’t throw it away! I mean, I guess that Trucks don’t really have a use for toilet paper, but he could have sold it to some humans and made a bunch of money for charity!!!


I helped with the Kind Little truck series and I do not recall any siblings. However, he does have a lot of friends.


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