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The Kind Little Truck: A Race to be Kind (A Big Story)

One day, Kind Little Truck was playing at the park and he saw a small truck getting bullied by a lager truck. And that seemed unfair. So, Kind Little Truck said, “Hey, Mr. Bully Truck, will you please stop being mean to that little truck.” The bully said, “Mind your own business, dude, if you want me to stop, you have to beat me in a race. and you don’t stand a chance!

Kind Little Truck said, “OK, we will have that race on Saturday morning. Then the bully truck went off to get some gas. The small truck was relieved and left the park, but he did not say thank you.

The Kind Little Truck thought that he will need a new motor and paint job. He went to his friend, Tire Flyer, and asked for help. Tire Flyer agreed to give him a new paint job with a sun shine on one side and the words, “Be Kind” on the other. He also had a new motor that would allow the Kind Little Truck to go 5 times faster than he used to go. Kind Little Truck then paid a large tip even though Tire Flyer did not expect one.

Then Kind Little Truck tested out his new motor by doing some kind things. First, he helped pick up the gargbage in the park and he was able to do it really fast. Next, he helped his friend Garbage Truck with Par Core exercises to help Garbage Truck’s gas flow correctly and his oil flow to keep him from squeaking. In return, Garbage Truck agreed to help Kind Little Truck learn how to race.

Then Kind Little Truck began to get ready for the race. He took an oil bath, and got his tires screwed on tight. he also made sure his new motor would go at full speed and that his rear-view mirrors were set correctly.

So, it was time for the big race. The starting bleep (they did not use a gun) went Bleep and the race was on. The bully truck made a big jump over a block of bricks, but Kind Little Truck went around the bricks when he saw that the small truck from the park was sitting on them and he did not want to hurt him. So, the bully truck got the lead.

Then the bully truck cheated and took a short cut through the audience, but the Kind Little Truck did not go near the audience and stayed on the track to be fair. Now the Bully truck had a bigger lead. Since Kind Little Truck was being so kind and fair, his new motor kicked into full speed.

Kind Little Truck began to gain on the bully truck and the bully truck tried to jump another pile of bricks and……………suspense…………..

He hit the bricks and bumped his head, and Kind Little Truck passed him and was an inch away from the finish when he decided to go back and help the bully truck.

Kind Little Truck said, “let’s finish this race together and be friends.”


Tune in next time for Kind Little Truck, Kind Deed Day!

2 replies on “The Kind Little Truck: A Race to be Kind (A Big Story)”

Wow, Brady! This was a great story! I totally did not see that ending coming! P.S. I’m sure glad there weren’t any scary clowns in this story. Because you KNOW how I feel about scary clowns!


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