The Kind Little Truck Stories

The Kind Little Truck 4

Once upon a time, there was a little truck that was super-duper kind. He had friends called the Garbage Truck, the Little Dipper, and the Flat Head Car.

The Kind Little Truck’s first deed in this story is to pick up litter. Some people do not know it, but that is a very kind deed.

Next, the Kind Little Truck fixed a broken motor on someone’s car, and that was very kind.

Then The Kind Little Truck banned cigarettes from his garage. Some people did not know that he was saving lives.

The Kind Little Truck was happy and did another kind deed. He packed meals for starving children.

Lastly, he shooed away some birds that were harassing his friend, Little Dipper.

The Kind Little Truck always said, “If you treat love as the prize, kindness will rise.”


One reply on “The Kind Little Truck 4”

Wow, Brady, that is a great story! I love how The Kind Little Truck keeps thinking of kind things to do! You know what else is great? Whoever typed this story into your website! Yep, that is some REALLY FINE TYPING. It is such beautiful typing that I think I am going to happy cry! Gotta go now, as I need to get some Kleenex!


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