Brady Washington, Kid Historian

A Story About America, Episode 4 – Money

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

One day, Frederick was at school and was just about to walk into history class when his history teacher showed him a five-dollar bill with Abraham Lincoln’s picture on it. But Frederick secretly had a living drink for snack time and he accidentally spilled the whole bottle on the five-dollar bill.

And then, “WOOOOSH!” and “WAAACK” and Abe Lincoln started rising from the money.

“What is happening?” yelled the history teacher.  

“Whoops”, said Frederick.

And they heard Abe Lincoln’s voice, “Hello, Frederick, thank you for bringing me to life.” 

“Well”, said Frederick, “it was accident, but I am glad it happened.”

But the history teacher was not happy and sent Frederick to the principal’s office. Abe followed Frederick to try to cheer him up.

The principal called Frederick’s mommy and when she got to school she said, “Frederick Trashcan, what did you do this time? This is like the times you made the Statue of Liberty, and the Liberty Bell, and the American flag come to life. What did you make come to life this time?” 

“Mrs. Trashcan”, said Abe, “Frederick made me come to life from a five-dollar bill.”

When Mrs. Trashcan got Frederick back home, along with Abe Lincoln, they decided to have a party and invited, Emily (who was the former statue of Liberty), the Liberty Bell who was still wearing the bandage over the crack, and the American Flag, who was still in a parade and tap dancing down the street.

Abe Lincoln said, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. for coming to our fantastic party.  Frederick  ordered a roller coaster.”  His daddy said, “Frederick how are we going to pay for a roller coaster?”

Abe said, “I have an idea. I will call a lot of other five dollar bills to come to the party and we can pay for the rollercoaster.”

And Federick said, “Eh, Eh, Eh”.

And they had a great party when the rollercoaster came from Amazon and the roller coaster App!

 The End

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