Brady Washington, Kid Historian

A Story About America, Episode 3 – The Flag

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

One day Frederick was at home with his parents and his little brother. His parents did not know that Frederick had a living drink in his pocket. And his little brother, Sam, had some “grow feet” drink in his pocket. The family decided to buy a mini-replica of the American flag. When they brought it home, Frederick’s little brother accidently spilled some grow feet juice on the flag. Frederick thought that looked like fun and he spilled the living drink on the flag. And then, “WOOOOSH!” and “WAAACK” and “Flap, flap” and the flag grew feet and legs and started to tap dance.

“What is happening?” yelled Frederick’s daddy. 

“Whoops”, said Frederick and “Whoops” said Frederick’s little brother.

And they heard George Washington’s voice, “Hello, Frederick, thank you for bringing me to life.” 

The flag turned on the TV and saw the Liberty Bell News and stayed there and got entertained.

The flag then wanted to march in a parade. When the flag passed by, people would take off their hats and put their hand over their heart.

The flag said, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank You.”

Frederick’s Daddy said “Frederick!” and “Sam!” “Are you making a mess and extra work?” And Sam pointed to Frederick and said, “You did it!” And then both boys very quietly said, “Eh, Eh, Eh”.

And the flag got away with making a big mess.

The End

(Check out the facts below)

Dear readers,

This is a fictional story about America but some of the information is true- 

  1. People stand up and take off their hats when the flag passes by.
  2. Sometimes people sing the Star Spangled Banner when they see the flag
  3. This is a fact about the whole earth. Flags cannot dance!

I hope you have fun with these stories of myths and legends. And, that you “Read it like you mean it!”

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

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