Brady Washington, Kid Historian

A Story About America, Episode 1 – Statue of Liberty

Brady Washington, Kid Historian

One day Frederick was visiting New York City with his parents and his little brother. His parents did not know that Frederick had a living drink in his pocket and he also had car insurance. The family decided to visit the Statue of Liberty and go inside the large statue. Some of the living juice spilled on the floor of the Statue and “WOOOOSH!” and “WAAACK!” and the statue of Liberty started walking with Frederick and his family inside.

“What is happening,” yelled Frederick’s daddy. 

“Whoops”, said Frederick

And they heard a woman’s voice saying, “Hello, welcome to New York City. Where freedom is yours. I’m Lady Liberty.”

“Oh no” said Frederick, I must be dreaming or my mind is playing tricks on me.” And he told his family, “Run, run out of here.” But when they started running, Lady Liberty said “Please stop, it tickles when you run inside of me.”

“Oh, hee, hee, you are tickling me. Oh no! I dropped my torch in the ocean.”

Frederick’s family felt bad since they had caused Lady Liberty to lose her torch. 

Frederick had an idea. “Let’s make a new torch made out of gold with a bright light inside.”

Lady Liberty loved the idea. And that is the torch you see on Lady Liberty today.

After that, Lady Liberty became human, but she wanted the world to still see a Statue of Liberty. So, she asked some workers to build a new one and she gave them her crown, the torch, and the tablet to use for the new statue.

Now when you see the human Lady Liberty walking around, she calls herself Emily.

The End

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